How long does it take to get really quick at touch typing?

How long does it take to get REALLY quick at touch typing?

Eg. hours, days, weeks, months???

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Touch typing could take weeks, months, or days it all depends.
If your starting touch Typing, for you it could take weeks, or months. Everyone that learns touch typing is different and goes their own pace.
Good luck on that. Oh, and, don't rush it.

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I touch type fluently, and it took me a lot of practice. My mum taught me as she worked in a bank etc. I must say it is harder when I have my false french nails on lol

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Depends on how long you practice at it, and what you define as "really" quick.

At age 12, I was typing 80wpm. Now.. I type pretty close to that, 90 if I'm in a hurry I guess.

If you stick with it, and want to get faster, I'd say in a month or two of steady practice you'd get it down pat.

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In the beginning you will be faster typing hunt-and-peck than touch typing.

Keep working on touch typing because in the long run you will be much faster and more accurate this way.

I started to learn touch typing in Jr. high school (on an old Royal typewriter) but never finished learning the entire keyhboard until years later when I got my first computer. It took me a few years to get up to 80 WPM.

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I dont really know how long it took me. At some point I just stopped looking at the keys... I sometimes still have to look at them, especially if I keep hitting the wrong key. lol

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