What are the advantages and disadvantages or getting an ipod touch?

So I’m thinking of getting an ipod touch and just wanted to know based on your own personal opinion for those of you that have one, what are the advantages and disadvantages? What do you like/dislike the most about the ipod touch?

Answer #1

Advantages would be -it holds a lot of music -tons of games -you can get msn -go on the internet

Disadvantages would be -the screen gets dirty easily -the battery does not last long -the really big -most of the games cost money

that’s all I can think of , but personally I love mine.

Answer #2

I have an ipod touch and the one advantage I think it has over some that it can hold a lot of music photos and a lot of application, the only downfall I have of the ipod touch is that to me is the battery doesnt last long.

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