How long does it take for boston terriers to show being pregnant?

It has been four weeks since my dog was breed and she is still not showing. How long does it take for a boston terrier to show?

Answer #1

Boston Terriers normally do not have very many puppies. Usually 3-5 puppies is the norm. If you have any more than that you are very lucky. If you know for a fact she is pregnant this last month she blow up. If you are not 100% sure is pregnant have a vet to check her. This is important! Depending on the size of your female she my not be able to have them naturally because of her narrow hips. If she is pregnant, make sure you and your vet know her about the time she is due because someone needs to be with her 24/7. If she goes into labor and has been left alone all day she could die as well as the puppies. She may have no troublle at all. I hope I didn’t scare you. I have boston terriers. They are the best!

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