how long does it take for a hickey to go away?


Answer #1

well I hear put a spoon in freezer a couple of hours then put it on hickey rub gently in circles. I don’t know but some of my friends say it works not right away mayb a couple of hours or late. I usually just woul put concealer and powder only to cover when visiting family but other than that I don’t cover!

Answer #2

from my expierences cold spoons and ice DOES work. just keep the spoon or ice cold and it will go away in hours…if you use a piece of ice while combing, it will dissapear in like 30 minutes

Answer #3

Usually a few days, sometimes more if it’s really dark. Put ice on it then dry it off good and cover it up with concealer and loose powder until it fades away completely.

Answer #4

It just depends how big and dark it is. But usually only a few days…

Answer #5

Depends…but a few days.

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