How long for a hickey to go away?

How Long Does it take for a hikkie to go away ! cause my dog got caught on me last night when I slept on the floor ! im dont want to go to school.

Answer #1

lol lol thats sick you and your dog lol

Answer #2

As crazy as it may sound put toothpaste on it before you go to bed and leave it overnight and it will help lighten it and you may have to do this a couple of nights.

Answer #3

if you’re really light, like a week

Answer #4

Use a comb on it to spread out the cells or whatever they’re called. You should tell the dog your not into her or else she might try again lol

Answer #5

take an aspirin and wet it with regular water..and then rub it over the hickey…the blood thinners in aspirin break up the blood that has come together to cause the discoloration of the hickey..and ice works as well…

Answer #6

wow so your dog got you… lol put a spoon in the freezer then tap it agianst your hikki every 6 hours maybe tell it is gone

Answer #7

a few days, cover up works the best if you have a sister or your mom they both will probably have it, or a turtleneck? haha other than that just time

Answer #8

ew. what the f*ck? that’s weird. like three days.

Answer #9

I’m very confused as to what exactly happened to you, but in answer to your question, a couple of days… try some ice…

Answer #10

wow! In a couple of days maybe (hopefully) try ice, water, !

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