How long do you have to keep your spacers in?

Hi, I am just curious. I went to the orthodontics yesterday August 23rd, 2008, for a check up on my teeth. I was told that I have to get Braces because I used to suck my tongue and it cause my front teeth to be pushed outwards. The orthodontic put in spacers in between my teeth. I was wondering how long do I have to keep them in?

I want to get my braces on September 15th, 2008, but that would be 24 days that I have in my spacers.

So my question is How long should I keep in my spacers and is Sept 15 to long for me to keep in my spacers?...Is 24 days to long to keep in spacers and if so what would happen to my teeth if I keep in my spacers that long??

Please answer I would greatly appreciate it...Thanks :)

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When I had my spacers, I just left them in until my next appointment. I got my braces at my next appointment. So I would say leave them in however long your orthodontist says too or until your next appointment. :) Good luck with your braces, they are totally worth it.

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