How/ Its it true freemasons are an all male society?

Are Freemasons all males or do they allow female members? Because there are claims Madonna is a Freemason when I thought it was an all male group

Answer #1

Well, most Grand Lodges (official ones) won’t accept women, but women can join regular lodges and there also are many female orders related to freemasonry.

Answer #2

Yes However, there are “female versions” such as The Sisterhood of Isis. Supposedly, from what I hear of a friend of mine-her father’s a freemason- Sisterhood of Isis is a hire up of the masons.

Answer #3

There are female groups derived from masonry, as well as groups that consist of both genders. The Order of the Amaranth, for instance, has both genders. Job’s Daughters (something that I was once a part of) and Rainbow Girls (has some technical name I don’t remember) are both girl derivatives of masonry. For Job’s, a member has to be a decent of a mason, but for Rainbow it’s whatever. The masons themselves are supposed to be solely male though.

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