How is Muslim peaceful?


I was wondering how muslim is peaceful, it is often considered a brutal and hateful religion by many people, but I wanted to see what I think of it if I know the prospective from its peaceful side, even though it seems a little ignorant due to the fact that ALAH is apearantly the best, I really just want to know the basics about and not call it stupid or moronic just because people kill other people for it (like cathlics did a long time ago) so if you culd hit me up with some stuff thatd be great!

Answer #1

Islam is supposed to be a religion of peace.Let me clear up some things for you nitwits out there:

1.NO it does not rain bombs everyday in Islamic countries. 2.NO we do not live like savages in grass skirts and mud huts. 3.YES we DO have knowledge of Western media,music,shows.OH and we have the internet too(isnt that crazy?) 4.We can talk ENGLISH!(Oh,no way!) 5.We dont marry girls off the minute they turn 10 like in rural areas. 6.The West call us extremists because Muslims wear hijabs and Muslim women are accused oof covering themselves up too much and are laughed at.Im sure Chirstianity doesnt say move around in clothes that resemble bikinis?(We are not answerable to you.You are not answerable to us.You have your religion and I have my religion.So begone.)

Answer #2

lovegirl13: I respect your right to observe whatever religion you want. But some of what (some interpretations of islam) teaches infringes upon basic human rights; notably, womens’ rights, and freedom of religion. You don’t get to simply say “that’s my religion, so you can’t criticize it”. In fact, it’s rather hypocritical to claim religious freedom when one of the things you’re defending is Islam’s treatment of apostates.

Answer #3

Both christianity and islam promote some pretty violent, xenophobic behaviour in their respective holy books. The difference is, the predominant interpretation of christianity ignores those bits, while the predominant interpretation of islam emphasises them. There’s even a good argument that permitting criticism is what led to the moderation of christianity - so by muzzling ourselves when it comes to criticizing islam, we’re just making it worse.

Answer #4

This is easy, every religion values peace…its just the extremists think they need to play god, alah, what ever. It actually is a very reformed and nice religion…if you want to learn more about them, while learning about the past at the same time, read ‘the autobiography of malcom x’.

Answer #5

First of all it is Islam (muslim is not a religion). Secondly it is Allah. Thirdly, every religion proclaims it’s “God” “Almighty” whatever you want to call it is the “best”, so really not a valid argument… As for people killing, uhm that would be religions in general… muslims, christians, hindus and all the rest…

Answer #6

‘Muslim’ is no religion!Islam is a religion and its followers are Muslims!:):)

Answer #7

Well its the extremest that cause all the things that you here about the same could be said about christanity

Answer #8

In general, religion fosters the “us/them” mentality, rather than peace.

Answer #9

I doubt you’ve researched on the religion.

Answer #10

‘Muslims’ are people who follow Islam. ‘Muslim’ is no religion. ‘Islam’ is.

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