Who knows if it's possible to get alittle organism from kissing?

When your making out with a guy/girl in your room or something is it possible to get alittle organism from only kissing him/her...is that normal???

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In year 8 my mate was the opposite and in science he kept calling an Organism an Orgasm. I used to kill myself laughing.

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you know what she's saying = =.. Proper term: Orgasm.

It really depends on your mood, sensitivity, and anxiety.

Are you really sensitive to kiss or any physical touch from the boyfriend? IF yes.. you can put yourself in the most erotic and romantic mood and with addiction of anxiety to kiss, I believe you can get a small orgasm...in theory.

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es, it's possible. My girlfriend did that.

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In biology, an organism is any living system (such as animal, plant, fungus, or micro-organism).

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