How/is it bad to draw on your tongue with sharpie marker?

My friend drew on her tongue with a sharpie yesterday, and it still isnt off of her tongue. So, is that bad? lol

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she's gonna get sick soon I promise

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its okay guys, it came off... like 4 days laterr. lol nothing bad happened to her. shes dancing in the other room

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Here is the manufacturer information, fro the Sharpie Wikipedia page:

Sharpie inks are considered non-toxic for “normal uses,” meaning writing on posters, soccer balls, and such. However, they are not meant for use on skin or fingernails. It might take over an ounce of ink from a Sharpie to cause a lethal reaction, and if a Sharpie is used on the skin it generally won’t cause an immediate or obvious health effect. However, according to the manufacturer [7], various Sharpies contain: n-propanol, n-butanol, diacetone alcohol and cresol. The first of these, n-propanol, is commonly used in cosmetics. The other three, however, are industrial solvents, chemicals that should not be sniffed, eaten, or put on the skin. As solvents, they penetrate the skin and fingernails and can enter the bloodstream.

These chemicals are not tested for human consumption, only incidental environmental exposure. So the chemical manufacturers’ technical data sheets on these chemicals are ambiguous with respect to how much should be considered a hazardous dosage, but do warn of kidney, liver, and brain damage, other nervous disorders, and DNA effects resulting in birth defects. OSHA has set permissible exposure limits (PEL) at 100ppm for n-butanol, 50ppm for diacetone alcohol, and 5ppm for cresol.

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Haha it's quite bad but it's a long term issue like smoking or drinking. Try to get it off if you can but don't panic. You won't get sick. Some strong but safe cleaners are oil, baking soda or vinegar. Try each one and rinse in between.

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Ew. I can just imagine the taste! Yeah, I'd say that was pretty ...dumb (sorry lol) of your friend to do, because well, sharpies are meant for drawing on paper, cardboard, and whatever other flat paper-like surface. I draw on my arms all the time with markers and pen, but considering your mouth can get easily infected/swollen by different things, I'd say that was a pretty dumb idea, and I'd tell her not to do that again because if she swallows that, It could make her slightly sick, or even poison her to where she may need to go to the hospital. Had a friend who had a baby and he "ate" a dry erase marker (the tip), had to go to the hospital and get his stomach pumped because he was vomiting it back up.

Considering your friend isn't a baby, that might not happen to her, but tell her "No!" lol

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Actually,it taste disgusting.And all sharpies are a toxic meaning they have toxins,so if you get your tounge cut then your in for it.But it was probably permanit so it will take some time because the tounge isn't skin,you couldn't normally wash it away so drink water It might come out black lol and maybe take a de-soaped sponge and try to scrub it off.

Good luck there.

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um ya its bad and nasty find out what the symtoms for ink poisning are and check what could happen if you get it and tell her see if she does that again

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I can tell you now the toxins in the marker could get into like a cut or something in her mouth and then get infected. but it kinda is bad yeah.

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puttin markers in your mouth, ofcorse its bad durrr, if it wasnt you would c markers in eryones mouth, its toxic=dangerous

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uuh why that is dangerous. that was stupid no offense!!!

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it can make you sick. don't do it! also, don't smell sharpies too much!

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Marker is a toxic so I would watch out, Why would she draw whit a sharpie?

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I think it is bad because your friend might get cancer. :(

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Lol yeah that seems pretty bad.

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uhmmm she never got sick. that was a long time ago and she never got sick...

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