Who knows if cash4books is a scam?

I needed to make some extra cash, so I decided to sell a bunch of my old books. Seventeen (the magazine) recommended Chegg in their January '10 issue, but I went to the site and they only buy textbooks. So, I found Cash4books. They mail you a box for shipping, then pay you either with a check via the US mail or via PayPal. Does anyone know if this site is safe? I can't find any decent reviews on Google. Please let me know soon. If this site is not safe, can you recommend one that is? Thanks in advance!!

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cash4books is fine. The site is operated by McKenzie Books, a startup by a an Oregon State University grad who was ticked off that OSU wouldn't buy back his books. They're located in a business park in a new development area of Beaverton, Oregon (Nike HQ town). I live near them and traded my books in person. Looked clean, friendly, professional place with a kids play area but obviously a smaller business operation. The local TV news interviewed the owner and featured the business recently, so they're legit. A lot of businesses own & operate multiple websites nowadays. example: TigerDirect/Circuit City.com

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Given your age...you can't sign a contract unless you're 18...so have your parents help you do some research.

Generally speaking, I've noticied if somebody ASKS if a company is a scam or not...there's a very good reason for it (eg, they're usually scams). None of the sites I do business with (and I buy online a lot) give any indication of "scaminess".

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I've sent textbooks to places that buy them, and have been mailed checks for them. But usually I've done business with those places. If you cant find any sort of reviews, I'd be careful. There's plenty of sites that do this type of thing. If you're really worried, just go to one of the more popular ones that have been reviewed and are safe.

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I've used cash4books and have been pleased with their customer service. I'd recommend comparing the buy back prices with a few other online buy back companies to make sure you're getting the best deal. I wrote a post about one issue I ran into with Cash4Books on my blog at [link removed]

Hope this helps.

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Google "Laura's Space to Vent" to get my blog entry...

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I know for a fact that this is a reliable website. I had a few college textbooks that were laying around and no one else wanted them or would pay anything for them. So I searched and found Cash 4 Books. I submitted the ISBN numbers and found out that they were worth $140.00.

I agreed to sell them, printed the shipping label, packed them in a box, and took them to the post office to mail. It cost me nothing to send them, and I received my check a few days later.

I plan on using this website as much as possible in the future.

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My experience indicates it's a scam !!!! They don't honor quotes.

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