How hard will it be to become a vegitarian?

im 15 and I’ve eaten meat like my entire life..and I really love it..but I also hate it because I love animals. I want to become a vegitarian, but im not sure how hard it will be.. any tips..??

Answer #1

it won’t be hard if its what you set your mind to. last year I decided to become vegetarian and my first day was on christmas! I wanted to test myself with the biggest hurdle, christmas dinner! I passed and next week on christmas it will have been a year. I ddnt want to eat turkey just for the holidays and then start because if it was something I really felt was necessary then I could get over any difficulties. I fell like alll the other advice given to you was negative and I couldn’t let you give up on the thought of becoming a vegetarian just because of the advice of people who failed. you need to get both sides of the story and I hope that my advice was not too late!:) secondly, I had eaten meat my entire life too and I did it! I think that you owe it to the animals to save them from their suffering,, because the issue is not the killing of animals or even eating them,,its the suffering that they endure in the factories where they live in the little time that they are allowed to live. lastly TIPS-1)I know its hard but don’t focus on what you can’t eat and more on what you CAN 2)stay away from temptation for the first couple of months until you lean to dislike meat 3)remind yousrself of where that burger and ribs truly come from it doesn’t just appear like that-its from an actual living being.

heres a quote-I hope I helped:) “but for a little mouthful of flesh, we deprive a soul of the sun and light, and that portion of life and time it had been born into the world to enjoy” PLUTARCH—so true!!think about it

Answer #2

I loved eating meat (beef and pork) until I stumbled across a video on the internet.. So I stopped eating it.. I’ve been doing good since June.. I don’t consider myself a vegetarian though because I still eat chicken and fish.. At first, it’s kind of tough, especially if you’re around people who eat meat.. Then, the smell and just the thought of eating it will make you sick..after a while you get used to it though. :)

Answer #3

it will be very hard if you like to eat meat and remember you could still eat meat but do other things to help animals like become a vet, or be apart of the rspca or another animal organisation quitting meat means your not going to get much iron so youll probably need to get iron supliments to make up for that there are also a few different types of vegetarians now days although basically if you eat any kind of animal flesh (including fish) I beleive that doesnt makes you a vegetarian. as it doesnt matter wether the meat is white, red, brown, ect its still part of a living animal and it still had to die so you can eat it

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