How fast would I lbs would I looose by doing thiiis?

Okey I get out of school may 27 and after that im going on a crazy work out and diet plan, like crunches, girl push-ups, squats, jackknives,jumping jacks, jumps, rope hula hoop haha, crossing sit ups and the tredmil and then im going on a diet plan thats all healthy and less then I ussually eat I know its not good to go all at it and start working out but I really dont care but do you think by doing this I could loose 30-40 lbs by july 20? My main goal is to loose 50 but I could live :)

Answer #1

eventually you probably will loose the weight but ill tell you that trust me you should start out small cause I was the same way withh all this stuff and I was so motivated. I did it all once and was enjoying it but the next day I sat on the couch and ate icecream saying forget this I dont feel likeworking out. so if you start small I t will be easier to commit.I’ve tried dieting so many times but its hard so maybe do it with a friend to to keep you motivated. goodluck and remeber that if you dont eat a lot of fruit, your gunna look frail and unhealthy and gross. so mkae sure you eat but eat good. and dont go for seconds.

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