How can I get my girlfriend to kiss me?

My girlfriend and me are shy. What do I say to kiss me?

Answer #1

of you want your girl friend to kiss you listen: when you can drive , tell her on a date then said “honey your so beautiful and kind” . then if you finished the date take her home before you let her go in her house hold her hand and kiss her

Answer #2

I love you so much , can you kiss me

Answer #3

I thought you were the main man?!? anyway, you gotta make the first move! im lil mama! I know everything!

Answer #4

just kiss her :) if she likes u it will be ok.

Answer #5

I think you should tell her a romantic story when you and her go to the beach together. if that time is midnight and the moon is shining, it will be wonderful than you can imagine about a kiss is so easy to make with her. goodluck !

Answer #6

I don’t know what to do I have only kissed a girl one time and we just talked about it and after awhile we just kissed

Answer #7

Listen this is the best answer has anyone seen the movie hitch with will smith well I am a shy guy but now I have kissed many girls its all about the moment you have to feel it so this is what you do after she laughs or you just had a good time go in for a kiss go 90% into it and if she should go that 10% or you could hug her pull out of the hug look into her eyes then slowly go into the kiss so what ya think it worked for me it can work for you cus I undertant how it fels to be shy

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