How does fish oil effect thc in your system?

I was told that if you took fish oil pills that it would get stored in the same part of fatty tissue thc is stored in and if you take it on a regular basis it wont allow the thc to stay in your fatty tissue. Does anyone know if this is true?

Answer #1

not true

Answer #2

Not truth, just anohter myth. The only way to test positive is to not smoke it.

Answer #3

Well, actually any oil will effect THC in your system to some extent.

Since THC is fat soluble, it will become a solute in virtually any oil. Some lipid structures may have a higher affinity for THC than others, but all will undergo at least some type of physical interaction with THC when the two come in physical contact with one another.

When the drug is smoked, the THC that enters the bloodstream will only come in contact with oils that are in the blood stream before the chemical reaches THC receptors in the brain and elsewhere.

However, some of this THC will become trapped as a solute in some fatty deposits in the body as well as fatty acids in the brain.

Around 30% of The fatty acids in the brain are the omega 3 fatty acid DHA by weight. While the omega 3 fatty acid, EPA, is also present, however in less abundance.

Omega 3’s are the significant fatty acid found in fish oil.

If an there is a significant amount of omega 3 in the blood while THC is also present in the blood stream, then there will be some THC that will become dissolved in the omega 3 lipids.

The major role of omega 3 in the blood is to supply the brain. Therefore it stands to reason that there will be some THC that is carried to the brain via omega 3’s such as those found in fish oil.

Now the overall effect of this interaction is far more more illusive than process itself. As of current, no reputable study has been done on the interaction between THC and omega 3’s.

One viable theory is that it will actually decrease the amount of THC that is able to make it directly into a receptor site, as it remains trapped in the omega 3.

Other theories suggest that the omega 3’s may have the ability to aid in the transport of THC through the blood brain barrier as well as potentially aiding in THC intracellular transport.

If THC is trapped in the omega 3 within the brain, then it will also remain in the brain longer. Although this would again mean that the initial amount of THC that can enter receptors will be lower, the fatty deposits may act as extended release vesicles, keeping the drug in the brain for longer periods of time.

It is important to note, that unless deficient on omega 3, the concentration and abundance of the fatty acid in the brain will not be significantly higher when excess omega 3 is ingested.

The blood concentrations of omega 3 on the other hand will have a more direct correlation with the amount of omega 3 ingested.

So, although the answer is fairly complex, and some of the details are not yet clear, it is NOT safe to say that there will not be any interaction between THC and fish oils.

As an interesting aside, some preliminary evidence suggests that the substance Myrcene, which is found in mango’s, may increase the amount of THC that is able to cross the blood brain barrier.

However, no article (at least none that I am aware of) specifically sets out to test this interaction directly, but rather implies it from logical extrapolations from the studies findings.

Answer #4

Also, when THC is ingested, it will will make it into the blood stream much more effectively when it is accompanied by some source of fat. If it is transported into the blood via fish oil, and the oil is destined to go to the brain, it then stands to reason that the fish oil may aid in uptake of thc in the brain. However, this is just an educated guess. I am not aware of any study that has specifically confirmed omega 3’s role in the uptake of ingested thc. Although, there have been studies that conclude that lipids need to be present to allow thc to enter the blood stream when ingested.

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