How does a hair straightener work?

How does a hair straightener work?

Answer #1

By using the combination of heat and pressure to smooth out the kink, curl or wave in the hair.

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Answer #2

you plug it in and turn it on and then seperate your hair in layers and then run the heated straightiner down a strip of your hair :P :P :P

Answer #3

it looks sorta like a curling iron, but it has 2 flat metal plates. the 2 metal plates get really hot. then you glide it through ur hair pretty slowly and it comes out really straight. i sometimes use a straightener. there’s a pic of what one looks like here 2. hope this helps!! lo!L!! kate

Answer #4

plug it in, turn it on.i usually put mine on high, and then wait till its real hot and then take strands of your hair starting at the top going down, straighten.

Answer #5

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