Do straightening hair brushes really work?

Hey! I have a little trouble drying my hair straight and I was wondering if straightening hair brushes really work!

When I say "straightening hair brush" I mean the brush that looks almost like a regular hair brush and straigtener combained, but has no cords and is not heated. It has holes or slots in the side to let heat through when you blow dry. It all makes perfect logical sense, but I was curious to see if they really do work.

Thanks for all of your help!

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I had one of these. . .you use it in conjunction with your hairdryer so while you dry your hair, you pull it through the brush and it helps to make it straighter.

I found it just made my hair really frizzy and big.

Best thing I've found if you just want to get the kink out of your hair while drying it is to get one of those jumbo round brushes and use *that* while drying. It will curl your hair either in or out but it pulls the hair around the shaft so it isn't kinky, and it will be silky smooth from the process.

If you really want totally flat hair, you've got to go for the straightening iron.

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I don't know.
You could always try it.

But the best bet is a flat iron.

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no your going to need something with heat and its going to make it frezz up

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