How do you style scene hair?

I want big hair, but I dont know how to do it And I want it layered, but I dont know how high to layer it What colors should I dye it? I was thinking black with blonde sweep bangs and blonde coon tails down the sides.. What do you think??

Answer #1

Okay well sence neither one of these people anwserd the ? Take a picture into the salon and tell then you want your hair to be big with a lot of short or long choppy layers. with a big swoop or side bang

Answer #2

I promote this emo and scene crap.

Let’s me know which ones to avoid.

Answer #3

alright, thanks a lot

Answer #4

honey, you need to think for yourself, not what other people think is good. and no one can recommend anything that would look good if they dont know what you look like.

Find a style you like and bring it to the barber.
Dont try to turn into something your not…this “scene” thing.

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