How do you start off an about me?

How do you start off an about me? Like for social site’s. Where you write about yourself. How would you start yours off?

Answer #1

I just write like ‘hey my name is _…’’ and talk about your fave things etc. I dont often write heaps though. I hate ferris wheels so I wrote that lol.

Answer #2

I have trouble with the same thing. I have found it helps to consider how you act and appear to other people. Try looking at yourself from the outside, and describing who you see. Also, surveys help a lot too, look around on some of these social sites (I think there is even a site devoted to surveys). Look for a good basic survey inquiring about your general interests or preferences.

Answer #3

You can read mine on my page if you want to see how I started mine off it may help you a little bit.

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