How do you kiss a guy in an amazing way??

Okay.. so I've kissed like 3 guys before.. but it ment nothing because I didnt really like them and I was just kinda doing it because I was bored.. well now I really like this kid and he told my sisters boyfriend because they are best friends, that before him and my sister bargerd in and screwed everything up RIGHT before he was about to lean in and kiss me.. but the thing is.. that I dont really no ANYTHING about kssing!!! Tips and Advice Please!!

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Honestly...there is no set technique to kissing. Just go with what feels right and act as natural as possible. If you have questions or insecurities ask the guy I am sure he'dbe more than willing to show you how to kiss. He may even feel flattered that he is your first kiss, but whatever you do don't lie that you have kissed before because then you may just look like an awful kisser! You do want to always swallow spit in your mouth, my biggest turn off is sloppy kissing, don't keep your mouth open and tongue wrestle because that's sloppy want to open and close your mouth almost everytime and make sure you keep your lips together. I always do a soft peck before going in for the open mouth it kind of prepares the guy for open mouth and he may do the same to you so just go with the flow. Honestly my first kiss I had no idea what I was doing, but the guy said I was a great kisser! Each person is a different type of kisser also so you have to be in sync with them you know...good luck!

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