How do you get dark red nail polish out of a white rug?

yes I have spilt dark red nail polish on a white rug that my mother bought for £60 (which is a lot considering we’re not filthy rich) please help me I’ve tried soaking cotton wool in nail polish remover and leaving it soaked on the stain but that didnt work, I tried soaking the stain directly and rubbing it off, its a tiny bit faded but it has now spread. what will get rid of this stain, is it even possible??? =(

Answer #1

Try running a razor over the nail polish I did something simaler with black hair dye and a carpet

Hope this help :)

Answer #2

The acetone probably dissolved the acrylic base of the nail polish and it’s now gone. Try bleach to get rid of the pigment now. Soak a rag in a 3/4 water to 1/4 bleach solution and let it sit on the stain, just like with the acetone. Make sure the spot is dry and clean first though. I can’t say what happens when acetone and bleach mix, but I’m sure its not good.

Answer #3

You might have to scrub the stain lightly to penetrate the bleach into the deeper fibers.

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