how do you forgive and forget?

hey guys and gals. my question is how do you forgive someone for what they did to you? like you know how it’s real easy to say that you forgive that person, but in reality that burn in your heart isn’t really ready to forgive. help me please because I’m like really ready to let go of this negative bug on my shoulder and breathe a new breath of fresh air.

Answer #1

you don’t you forgive but never forget

Answer #2

To be honest, it’s really easy to forgive compared to forgetting. Forgetting what happened usually never happens. Depending on what happened, to forgive you should see what they did to you as lesson in life. It’s what I do and has worked out so far. But to forget overall of what happened is like hard…most likely you’ll have to get brainwashed to forget lol. If you need more advice, funmail me.

Hope I helped :)

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