how do you delete people from your friends?

not that I don’t like the people I added I really dont have a problem but I didnt mean to add them though & I cant seem to do it with out blocking it wich would be totally rude so help thanks xo xoxoxoxo

Answer #1

Go to your profile and click on all friends and under every pic there is a delete button…


Answer #2

go to the friends profile that you want to delete and under their pic it will say remove me from your friends and click that button.:)

Answer #3

All You have to do is go to your friends that you want to delete and look under there name and click delete friend or block.

Answer #4

If you go to your profile and go to “my friends”, there is a “delete” button under everyone’s picture.

Answer #5

-Go to any of your friends’ profile -Under their profile picture, click ‘Remove me from friend list’


-Go to your friends area -Under any of your friends’ profile picture click Remove Me

Either way, it will take them off your friend’s list.


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