What is a friend & how do you add people?

What is a friend? like on funadvice, im kinda a “newbie” I guess you could say and how do you add people?

Answer #1

on their profile or even on this answer I’m giving you there’s something that says “Add me as a friend” you simply click that and they’ll be on your friend list (if they set they’re account to “automatically accept people”) if it says, “a friend request was sent” it means that the person has set their account to “let me decide who’s a friend” and so it means an email was sent to them telling them that you request them as a friend, and if they accept you, you’ll recive an email say that they’re on your friend list! =)

hope that helped!

Answer #2

click on there profile and below there pic it should say something like (add this friend) c{=

Love Miranda

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