How do you dance at parties?

haha ok I know I sound stupid. But I’ve always been this really awkward person, and whenever I go to dances and parties, I try my best to avoid dancing, because I think, know, I look stupid when I try. So how do YOU dance?

Answer #1

Haha I just flow. I dance how I feel like dancing. If I feel like grinding with someone or just dancing and running around like an idiot. Whatever floats your boat for the time being xD. Just let go and have fun! =]

Answer #2

I let the music make me dance. Good beat and loud jam and im ready to go :) Let your body do the dancing not your brain :)

Answer #3

exactly just try to shake as much as you can!! and if you still think you look dumb or watevr (which no one does, all our dances are unique!) record your self on a song that has a pumping beat and see how you dance. take lessons or just go to youtube and take lessons by typing sometihng specfic. in my culture, dancing/ shakin is alrdy in your blood haha… so I taught miself how to dance- butits never to late and their is no right and wrong!! have fun and just feel with the music- dont worry about whose watching! :))

Answer #4

there is no right way to dance at parties what I normally do I grab a friend that doesnt like dancing or is afraid like you are and make a fool of myself just havee fun who ares if you dont know what your doing your there to have fun and if you dont like that then just get with a group of friends and dont think just do you dont have to be a dance god or anyhting just have fun

Answer #5

I dance like an idiot, who cares have fun, F%cK em if they dont lk it

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