How can I dance at a party ?

Normally at parties I just sit there or stand in the danceflood doing nothing I feel stupid because my mates try and make me dance, so I want to dance this time, I’ve got a party on saturday so can anyone tell me any good moves or just anything really. But I dont want Everyone looking at me like a FREAK. ?

Answer #1

You can go ahed and follow what your friends do at the moment and then do your own thing. Dancing at a party is not about how you dance, is about having fun and you know just having a party. Meaby try dancing in the crowd so you don’t feel so exlcuded either.

Answer #2

Just move your hips and go with the rhytem. Don’t be embarassed bcoz everyone is dancing. And act like your the only one in the room. You look more silly when your not dancing.

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