How do you become a vegetarian?

I’d like to be a vegetarian for a month but I have no idea what I can and cannot eat. Also, does anybody have any yummy vegetarian recipies I can make? I just need to know all the basics. Thanks!

Answer #1

umm haha im a vegetarian. its not all that hard. but for recipes?? hmm well I just go to smiths and get fake chicken nuggets and chicken patties. they are good

Answer #2

I want to try it for a month and see if I like actually ‘being’ a vegetarian. I do like meat, and I wouldn’t be able to not eat it forever, but don’t like how they treat the animals and I think it’s abusive. I just thought it would be cool to try for a while and then if I still want to be a vegetarian after the month is over, I will. Thanks for the help!

Answer #3

y for a month? xD and I dont really think a vegetarian should eat fish either because its white meat, the second word technically tells you its meat. But thats just my opinion. Im sure you can find great recepies online ^^

Answer #4

Well, I can give you some tips as I am a vegitarian, Obviously no meat is allowed (including fish) No dairy products (such as milk cheese…) Instead of milk you can use soya milk (pick it up in Asda) Lentils have lots of protien which will make up for the proteine in meat. You could become a half vegitarian instead which is when you have Free range meat instead and you can have dairy products and fish. If this doesn’t help just try google! :)

Answer #5

im a veggi my self and I eat a lot of quorn which gives you all the things that meet give you but not the meat bit lol nearly all veggis eat fish I also eat a lot of pasta but you have 2 cheack everthing because like jelly sweets normally have animal fat in them and chocolate, dairy milk is the only type you can have that I no of and just eact a lot of fruit hope I helped :)

Answer #6

just dont eat meat? its not like your going vegan. duhh

Answer #7

Hmmm…so you can’t eat fish?

Answer #8

ya you can.

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