Vegetarians and cheese

Do vegetarians eat cheese? I said yes but my mom says no

Answer #1

Yes. There are some vegetarians who choose not to eat either eggs or cheese but not go all the way to becoming a vegan. I noticed that you have a lot of questions about becoming a vegetarian. I switched to a vegetarian lifestyle about a year and a half ago so if you need to know anything or just wanna chat about it, feel free to fun mail me! Sam

Answer #2

yes cheese is a by-product (made from something an animal makes) like milk, eggs ect only vegans dont eat any meat or any animal by-product vegetarians dont eat any animal meat but they can eat by-products

Answer #3

vegetarians eat dairy. so yeah. vegans dont eat dairy or anything that comes from an animal. and if you eat poultry youre not vegetarian. a vegetarian is someone that doesnt eat animals. its annoying when people get that messed up haha :P I mean if you eat chicken and fish and other poultry why not eat meat?

Answer #4

yeah they do.. its dairy.. the same as milk right? lol I know vegiterians that eat cheese.. its not meat.

Answer #5

go vegetarians!!! whooh!!! :D

Answer #6

Yes they do - vegans don’t eat cheese or any other animal by-product.

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