How do you french kiss?

how do french kisss? any one tell me pls

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i like to tonguge kiss but then again i don't when i tongue kiss it makes me feel uncomfortable

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dont use 2 much tounge but make sure that ur tounge touches ur partners. and make sure u let ur partners tounge get inside ur mouth as much as urs is inside thiers. like an even xchange.
hope this helped ^_^


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and please do us all a favour and dont try to stick your tongue all the way down her throat.. too many ppl make that mistake

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First when you go into the kiss, kiss evry so slightly without opening your mouth. Then slowly open your mouth and stick your tounge onto you parters tounge. Nibble her/his lips and it comes really naturally like after u do it you will have urself saying "how the hell did i know to do that!"

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Something that my boyfriend does that is great is he begins to kiss me really softly and after like 7 seconds start open your mouth with hers then slowly slide your tongue in he mouth unflexed and play with hers (but not all the way) after doing this for a few seconds suk on her tongue mildly softly and finally take your tongue and trace the inside of her lips ITS AMAZING!!!!

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Yeah pretty much. Just ask your gf. I mean I know it sounds lame to ask but I mean you could always ask her in a different way. Like saying, "I don't know how to kiss, can you teach me how?" ;) in that kind of joking matter of course. And trust me you'll do fine. Just don't think about making it perfect cuz then you'll just ruin it for yourself. Oh and its ok to breathe. Whatever you do don't hold your breath. And nobody likes slobber all over their really kills the mood. Well hope I helped :)

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