Is there a way to practice french kissing?

Hey I was just wondering I've never french kissed a guy before and I wanted to know is there anyway I could practise?

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i like "gtpi7275's" advice, and "trish6's" advice. honestly, just go with the flow, dont think about it, and it will come naturaly.
good luck!

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Not really, its just kissing but putting your tongue in the other persons mouth, or they put theirs in yours. Some people do it with every kiss some don't at all.

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trust me it does come naturally. i was in your position a month ago. yes i know im 17 and never kissed a guy ... trust me it was worth the wait. he kinda caught me off guard it was a surprise kiss, but once our lips were together i just put my tongue into his mouth and he took over. he massaged my tongue i massaged his ... you really dont think during this type of thing it just feels natural. (and once you do it once and hes a good kisser you just cant get enough of it!!) just relax dont be tense and let your body take over dont over think it cuz tat can ruin the moment

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yeh great accept i dont really know how to kiss either!

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juststick ur tong in der mouth n explore wiv it lol ~~~

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well you could get one of those huge heads that you do hair styles on that might help.

ps: I havent kissed a guy yet either but I will (one day)

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try using 2 fingers and pretend its a guys 2 lips :) x

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well yeah there is a way you can practice, well moving your tounge around is the key so you know how your tounge can move and how it hurts to move it in a certain way. stick your tounge out of your mouth and spell your name with your tounge it is DEFFINATLY exercise for your tounge, and when you come to french kissing a guy DONT spell your name with your tounge cause then your tounge will be everywhere and he couldnt catch up with where your tounges going haha.

hope this helps at least
(by the way I havent even kissed a guy yet)

<3 theeegirlll!

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there isnt much to practice with kissing. i mean you could always make out with your hand, or maybe one of your girl friends (no homoo) just to practice but once the time comes to make out with someone it kinda comes naturally, just be relaxed and dont think too much about it, go with the flow. you just massage your tounge with his..

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well, I would just take 3 fingers and use the middle one as the tongue, then you put the bottom or top one and suck it and massage your finger with your tongue, and pretend like its doing that back!

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