Does writing about death make me a goth?

It might sound weird but I have written up to 56 songs since 2008 started and over all of them have to do with Death,like these 4 songs I made up:1.Plagued Mask 2.The Dungeon 3.Game Over(having to do with Saw) 4.Tormented Souls,I wold type the lyrics down but I don’t want them to be stolen,does that make me a Goth?

Answer #1

I don’t know if it makes you goth but it sure isn’t uplifting - not a positive influence.

Answer #2

Damn it. No, it doesn’t make you a goth, and NO, GOTH IS NOT A STYLE OR RELIGION WHEN APPLIED TO PEOPLE.

It’s a genre of music!

Answer #3

No goth is a style/religion. Not a form of writing but don’t worry about getting put down for it keep it up!! :)

Answer #4

Nope - goth is really just a style. Never mind stupid labels, be yourself. You have the right to write about whatever you want and shouldn’t be labeled for doing so. If death is something you enjoy writing about and you’re good at it, then all power to ya.

Answer #5

I’ve writtten my share of morbids poems but I’m not goth. You’re whatever you want.

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