How do I write a good lab report?

I have to write a lab report for science. How do I write it? How can I make it good?

Answer #1

well I always do it like this: -intro -research question.. like e.g How does water effect photosynthesis?

  • hypothesis‚Ķ you say what you think the results will be and why
  • apparatus (what you used, maybe a small diagram of how it is set up??)
  • procedure :P
  • results (shown usually on table)
  • data analysis (draw a graph if possible or just explain what I see from the results) -conclusion (just summerize what you did and what you found out, was your hypothesis right? wrong? how can you see this?? )

Im sure if you do it this way you will get a great grade! :D

Hope I helped :) RedSummer xxx

Answer #2

Well first; you must have a hypothesis stating what you thought was going to happen in the lab. Also somewhere in the report you have to write down all the lab proceedures.

Must write all of your results that you found in the lab report and include if your hypothesis was true or not.

Its basically a complete summary of the whole entire lab. Probably a page to two pages depending on the actual lab its self.

Good luck :)

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