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Through Writing Symphony courses in Redmond WA, students will learn structural models (note taking, writing paragraphs, stories, simple reports, writing from pictures, research reports, creative writing, essays, critiques and presentations) to help them organize any type of composition and speech.

About Writing Symphony

Who we are

At writingsymphony.com, we are dedicated to providing high-quality writing and public speaking classes for students of all ages. Our online platform allows students to access our courses from anywhere, making it convenient for busy schedules. With a focus on developing strong writing skills and confident public speaking abilities, we aim to empower students to effectively communicate their ideas and express themselves creatively.

What we Do

Our writing courses are designed to help students improve their writing skills at every level. From elementary school to high school, we offer a comprehensive curriculum that covers everything from sentence structure and grammar to editing and proofreading. Our program emphasizes the importance of developing a strong outline and using varied writing techniques to create engaging narratives. In addition, our public speaking classes focus on helping students build confidence in presenting their ideas effectively, receiving immediate feedback, and refining their communication skills through practice.

Why you should use us

There are many reasons why students should choose Writing Symphony for their writing and public speaking needs. Our courses are developed by experienced educators who understand the challenges students face in developing their writing and speaking skills. We offer a proven curriculum that has been shown to produce measurable outcomes, helping students improve their grades and excel academically. Our online platform makes it easy for students to access our courses from anywhere, at any time, making it convenient for busy schedules. Most importantly, our focus on building confidence and empowering students to communicate effectively sets us apart from other programs.

What can you ask?

  • How can I enroll in your online writing courses?
  • What age groups do you offer classes for?
  • Can you provide more information about your curriculum and teaching approach?
  • Do you offer any resources for parents to support their child’s learning?
  • How do you assess student progress and provide feedback?
  • Are there any opportunities for students to showcase their writing or public speaking skills?
  • What sets your program apart from other writing and public speaking courses?

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