how do I wash clothes?

this is going to sound so pathetic. lol im home alone and I have jeans that I need washed so im like whatever and I put them in the washer with some other clothes of mine. and then I just put th cup of detergent or whatever in and then I pushed the button. and it was cold water. the knoby thing was on light. so my jeans arnt going to shrink, are they?

Answer #1

no you will be ok

Answer #2

no. just separate the color clothes from the whites. wash white clothes in hot water and bleach. some people use cold but you’re suppose to use hot water. then wash the colored cloths in warm/cold water. separate the dark colors from the light colors and wash them separately also. clothes only shrink if you use the wrong setting or mix up clothes LOL

Answer #3

wow. really. are you seriouse. ha ha! well it depends on your washer. light means like white shirts and “light” cloths… k? but there should be a little spot were you put all the detergent in. your jeans won’t shrink in the washer!! they might in the dryer if you leave them in to long and they’ve never been washed. so don’t worry though. your perfect little jeans are probably safe

Answer #4

lol its okay, I did it!!!

Answer #5

Don’t feel bad :) Just turn the knob to dark (unless your jeans are white or light coloured). Hope I helped! :)

Answer #6

push the start button lol xD

Answer #7

haha no jeans can’t shrink in the washer only the dryer.

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