How do I transfer Pokemon with HM's from Ruby to Diamond?

I found out how to transfer some pokemon from ruby to diamond, but I can’t figure out how to send my best. How do you migrate pokemon with HM’s?

Answer #1

yah, like he said.

P.S.:Empoleon rocks. wait ROCKS?

Answer #2

Try making them forget the hm’s before you trade

Answer #3

You cant. You must aquire the national dex first then you can migrate pokemon but you have to go to the move deleter and have him delete all of the HMs.

Answer #4

the booklet that came with the diamond game tells you how to migrate your pokemon from the ruby game to the diamond game. you have to acquire a national pokedex first.

Answer #5

you can’t but go to a move detler and tell him to move a hm and don’t listin to these fellows the stupid trust me

Answer #6

you cant because the diamond and pearl games have different HMs than all previous versions of pokemon

Answer #7

go to move deleter and delete HM’s first then migrate pokemon and then you can restore the HM

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