how do I tell my mom I think im bipolar?

how? and it not like this is outta the blue, I checked all the symtoms and it seems like I have it. and I don’t know how to tell her. someone help

Answer #1

Well if you’re gonna start with that… first off I was put into the psych ward cause I got picked on and beat up every day till I fought back and beat the blood out of a couple of people’s faces. It was okay for them to beat me up, but when I beat up one of them I go to the psych ward. I took martial arts and I said screw it I’m gonna use it. So many things happened to me that I will not say on this site because it is too embarrassing, and you are a pre-judgmental, arrogant, narrow-minded fool.

Let me cool myself… okay… your words are meaningless to me, because I know your mind and your words have been programed and designed by society to discourage the kind of progress I and my (what you would call) “underground society” have made. To plant seeds of doubt into the minds of people like me.

Do you really think there is no cure for cancer and aids? What we see on the science channel is only a small fraction of the technologies they have. I have been blessed and cursed with events where I have accidentally stumbled onto information. I hold a strong burden. I was much happier being ignorant before I was shown all of this. I don’t still believe in what I was grown into. I am a man now not a child still being led by the ear.

WAKE UP!!! THE EARTH IS ROUND!!! not FLAT!!!… god I feel like Aristotle talking to some of you people.

“The minimum expected of you as a sentient being is to question your reality.”

                                                               -Alex Jones
Answer #2

Yes I meant that I haven’t been physically sick since 6… but I also don’t believe that I was ever mentally sick. Sorry about earlier… most doctors are trained to use medication and that is pretty much the only problem I have with doctors. I use hypnosis and things like that. But I do still stand very firm in my belief about lack of discipline. I am not telling people to “snap out of it”, but to actually embrace it, face it, overcome it. To remove the obstacle. There is so much power in a single human mind. I see some people who can’t sit down and read a book… I usually tell them to train your focus in increments. Like if they can only sit down for 5 minutes… I usually tell them to sit for 5 minutes every day for a week. Then 10 minutes and up. I am not teaching them to be lazy… only teaching them how to train their focus when they want or need to. Society is corrupt.

Society tell you that your sexual orientation is wrong… but truthfully… the only thing that is wrong is that they are trying to affect your free will. I’m sure you are often ridiculed and messed with by the people of this society. But there is so much more wrong with the society.

Answer #3

and you think I want to get my degree to what? tell people what to do? people’s emotional suffering bothers me, which is why I got into this field. when someone is distressed and someone dismisses them by saying unless you’re acting “crazy” there’s nothing wrong with you, that bothers me… It negates the pain they are in, and trivializes their problems. Am I going to react to that, absolutely. People have enough to deal with without others telling them that it’s all in “their head” and they just need to “snap out of it”. I do not believe I have all the answers, or my way is the right way, and btw, I am not a fan of medication, I have refused to take it for several years despite intense pressure, and I will continue to refuse. That does not mean I dont believe that it can help people… So I choose a conventional path. A path that is shown to have beneficial results. Why does that make it wrong? And again, you said you hadnt been sick since the age of 6, one does assume you werent locked up at age 6? or are physical ailments easier to control than mental ones?

Answer #4

walker between worlds …

you WIN…you are the craziest

but that does not make you a specialist

treating cancer and aids is far different than treating psychological issues… as a biochemist and I might add RESEARCH biochemist, my mind has not been programmed to fit into a certain mold. I question everything…do my research and then question things again.

You state that you haven’t seen a doctor since you were six… is than when you were admitted to the psych ward? doubtful… I would assume that you were diagnosed by several doctors while committed to the psych ward…

Through my experience, and you seem to hold experience as a higher form of understanding, when someone’s ideas are challenged and that person becomes as defensive as you… that shows the rest of us that rational thought and the analytical process are lost on you. It also indicates a very immature mind. Perhaps not chronologically but immature none the less…

Answer #5

You are right… my anger caused me to be pre-judgemental. but I do still believe that ty was rude and arrogant towards aperfectcircle. that triggered a part of my ego that made me instantly rebel. This isn’t about winning or losing for me. But the pain that I see people go through is. I am only trying to help… I do not mean to hurt… though I do sometimes. It is just that most people throw my opinions a side like they are not true when I have witnessed the effects.

Answer #6

ty was neither rude nor intrusive to you. She gave an extremely accurate answer. Your response prompted the discourse. While self-control might be the correct path for you, it is not the only path. Others might benefit from counseling or medication or a combination of both. Ty was correct when she said the o.p. should speak with her mother and tell her about her symptoms. Do not assume that all parents will respond the same way. Also do not assume that you are the know all, end all expert on this subject. That is extremely arrogant of you and you risk giving misinformation.

It is also naive of you to declare that mental illness is just a lack of self discipline. Talk about rude. And dismissive.

While I do not believe that everyone who suffers from depression needs medication, I know that many benefit from some combination of medication. Through my education and experience, I know that there is NEVER only ONE correct answer for every emotional, physical, or mental problem.

You have not learned this and as a result are giving one-sided, narrow-minded advice that ONLY allows for ONE correct answer, yours.

Your attitude does not allow for the existence of other views, possibilities and experience. Your attitude is that YOU have the ONLY correct answer, all other answers especially the ones in direct opposition to your opinion, are incorrect and represent a brain-washed individual. And you refer to others as “pre-judgmental, arrogant, narrow-minded fools”

“The minimum expected of you as a sentient being is to question your reality.” -Alex Jones

‘The outward freedom that we shall attain will only be in exact proportion to the inward freedom to which we may have grown at a given moment. And if this is a correct view of freedom, our chief energy must be concentrated on achieving reform from within.’ — Mahatma Gandhi

An open mind embraces the existence of all possibilities. Your responses on this and other questions indicate that you have a very closed mind while believing that you are more enlightened and open than the rest of us.

Answer #7

“(seeing as how you obviously didnt know how to keep yourself well if you ended up in the psych ward)”

were you born into this world knowing how to read, write, and communicate… no… no one is. I went to the psych ward because of my lack of discipline, and I said I learned to control myself… I wasn’t born into the world knowing how to do it. Look up the definition of learn and see if you can’t force it’s meaning through your thick skull and into your socially conditioned brain. Your a fine example of someone who stays between the lines.

Answer #8

lol, ego battle? it’s hardly a matter of ego… I believe in science, you believe in, uhm willpower? the spirits? whatever… glad that’s working for you… I’ll keep my opinions based on science and you know, the rest of the world, you keep your pseudoscience… and your contradictory logic (seeing as how you obviously didnt know how to keep yourself well if you ended up in the psych ward).

Answer #9

Experience is key? Alright, you want to go with experience, I have had depression since I was 12, lets add that to a host of other mental disorders, as well as a trip to the psych ward… I also have EDUCATION. You know, learnt about stuff, talked to people who have been studying and treating this their entire “professional” lives, done research, and you know what, I think I’ll take the millions of people who have dedicated their lives to researching and treating mental illness over the word of one person who believes that mental illnesses are not real, and are a lack of willpower…

the quack who diagnosed my grandfather with a lack of willpower or discipline as you like to call it when he was showing signs of dementia led to my extended family (who believes in quacks) not taking him to a real doctor. Because of his idiotic assumptions, my grandfather’s stroke was left undiagnosed for several weeks… uhm yeah… that’s what you get from listening to a quack who thinks their way is better than science…

so I’ll take medicine, science, and education over your “lack of discipline” any day… You, however, are free to believe whatever you want…

Answer #10

“Well if you don’t have a degree then don’t criticize other people by their own personal experiences. When you become a critic, you become a professional.”

Uhm that makes no sense… using that logic, the person who I was referring to shouldnt have been giving their opinion on a subject they know little about because they’re not a professional… I was not criticizing their experience, but their deductions about a serious mental illness based on their experiences…

and I may not have a degree YET, I did add the yet part because I have been studying this for the last 6 years, and am going to get one in a year…

as for the respect part, given that the person was not my client and they arent in my office I really can say what I want, however, I dont even see how I was being disrespectful… I was disagreeing with their uninformed deduction…

Answer #11

I meant like doctors of like physical needs. I only really get defensive when people are rude and intruding. but sry had to make this quick.

Answer #12

You have to have a degree these days…

Answer #13

Well I haven’t seen a doctor since I was 6 cause I know the practices to keep myself from getting sick… but there’s no way that I could have done that… so go ahead and tell how much I am lying, cause I’m done with this little ego battle.

Answer #14

“where did you get your degree aperfectcircle? I doubt you’d find anyone with one in anything related to mental health would agree with you…”

Experience is key… and judging by your answer I would say that you probably never lived with anyone with these conditions. And hanging out with a patient an hour a day does not count. Lets put it this way… Back in the day doctors used to smoke and they didn’t think anything of it. If you were to tell a doctor that, then they would have said, “I am a doctor… you’re trying to tell me?”

I’m not sure if you know my mental history… but I never took an ounce of their medicine when I was in the nut wards, but somehow I was able to get over these “illnesses” on my own. It is lack of discipline not a mental disorder.

Answer #15

She’ll react bad no matter what. I told my mom that I KNOW there is something wrong with me, but she swears that there isn’t, and she gets really really pissed. There is no way really until you go to the doctor, and present your case to him/her, to determine if there is anything wrong.

Answer #16

Well if you don’t have a degree then don’t criticize other people by their own personal experiences. When you become a critic, you become a professional.

e.g. most (if not all) football game narrators once played football themselves.

Answer #17

“Well for someone who is a “professional” I figured you would talk to people with a little more respect… anyways…”

I didnt claim to have a degree… and I sure as hell wont be diagnosing people online when I do…

Answer #18

When you read through the symptoms of disorders it is so easy to decide you have this and that. For every person who discovers their condition through self-study there are probably thousands who convince themselves that they have a non-existent condition.

You really need to see a psychologist to have an objective person determine if you have any mental disorder. Until then you are doing little more than guessing.

good luck!

Answer #19

bipolar is - see above - what used to be known as ‘manic-depressive’. It’s a widespread mental disorder that involves extreme mood swings, among other symptoms. See for example pr

Answer #20

Speaking of ‘professionals’ - only a qualified psychiatrist can diagnosis whether a person is bipolar (formerly: manic-depressive). It’s certainly not something that can be determined on the basis of a brief eposted-description.

If you feel you may be bipolar, the r\person to turn to is your family doctor, who should then be able to refer you to a competent specialist who can treat YOUR individual case.

And remember that this is one of the most common disorders, with many different kinds of treatment available, backed on years of research. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, and there IS a range of different treatments available.

Answer #21

what is a bipolar?

Answer #22

Well for someone who is a “professional” I figured you would talk to people with a little more respect… anyways… I was diagnosed with adhd, bi-polar, and skitzo. You are your own unique individual. You don’t need medicine to numb you down. The medicine they give you will make you worse and even worse than that when you don’t have the medicine. I learned that I could make myself sit down and read several chapters of a book without interruption. It is all about discipline. I learned how to control my emotions myself with no one elses help. Believe me they had me in a nut ward for several months and I refused to take their medicine and they saw that I was able to recover on my own.

Answer #23

You’re not bipolar if you take a bunch of books rip out the pages,throw them in a bathtub,take a wooden spoon,and stir it around,and call it “book soup.” My own mother did that,and she has to take heavy doses of lithium to even function. If she doesn’t,she acts like a two year old.. Otherwise with the meds,she is completly normal,except for the little mood swings,but all woman have that.. And turns out my sister and my mother are bipolar,and I’m not. I thought I was bipolar becuase I read the symptoms,and turnes out I’m not. So unless you need heavy medication to function humanly,and not like an animal,then you’re not bipolar,you’re fine.

Answer #24

where did you get your degree aperfectcircle? I doubt you’d find anyone with one in anything related to mental health would agree with you…

Just tell her how you’ve been feeling, I wouldnt start out by self diagnosing… If you think you’re bipolar, that means you are or were suffering from depression? Talk about how you are/were feeling and how it keeps happening (I assume it’s happened more than once?), and you think you should talk to someone about it…

Answer #25

lol, I will give you that much, society often causes a lot of problems and then blames people and tells people to fix themselves without looking at why the problem arose in the first place…

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