how do I stop throwing up?

I keep throwing up at school but I have got so many projects to do I dont want to go home. I am only 13.

Answer #1

If it’s caus your nervous, you just have to realise that there’s nothing to ever be afraid of and nothing can ever hurt you. Life is all about experience and even ‘bad’ experience is experience! Enjoy it! It’s all once in a life time stuff! xD

Answer #2

Well that depends.. are you ill ?? If so go to a doc and get medicine… If your making yourself puke, simply Stop it !… you need to give more information in your question !! Xo:)

Answer #3

why are you throwing up in the first place? is it intentionally? or is it just something you seem to do? around what time? we need more information, I’m sorry to say. =\

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