How do I stop my period for my wedding day?

Just started my menstrual cycle and im getting married tomorrow how may I stop it

Answer #1

You cant. Doctors could have given you pills earlier to stop it, but it really is too late now. Sorry :( Sucks for your honey moon.

Answer #2

chartreusechick is right you can NOT stop it in such a short amount of time so wether you like it or not, your going to have your period on your wedding day

Answer #3

you cannot stop a period!! Sorry that it is on your wedding day (Congratualtions, btw). yur best option is a tampon, besides that, I really can’t tell you anythign else. unfortunately, a menstrual cyle is not a lightswitch where you an just turn it off and on

Answer #4

You can´t stop it just use a tampon.

Answer #5

If you are old enough to get married, then you should be old enough to know the answer!

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