How do i rid my system of thc safely being that i am pregnant?

I am 35 weeks pregnant. I am 5'2" and weigh 165 lbs. My doctor is fully aware of my usage also, and he listed it as "occasional marijuana use for nausea and vomiting." Which is completely true. He said he understands, and would just like me to have me meet him half way. (By decreasing levels and eventually diminishing them) I have slow but sure decreased my usage, and have smoked about 3-5 times within the last month. I have since quit completely being I am so close to my due date. Is there a way I can rid myself and the baby of any residing toxins I may have left in my system? I have heard so many things I donno even know what to rely on anymore. Cranberry juice? Water?
And can it stay in the baby's system double the time it can in mine? Help..

PS- If you are just going to be critical of my situation, don't even bother responding.
I am fully aware of all the pros and cons of marijuana use. Been there, done that.

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I dont understan how anybody cud even put there child in danger by smoking weed when that baby is born and they test that baby for drugs they are going to take it away from you how cud you do that and all that crap your saying about vomitting everybody goes thru it but they dont all somke weed to help it and I am being critical...

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should have thought about your baby in the first place

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although weed is good for your health believe it or not
I wouldnt recommend smoking while pregnant, the smoke itself can be harmful
the baby sshould be fine if you stop smoking for the remaining time
most of these comments are posted by ignorant people that have no idea what they are talkin bout

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Dear crae,
Well we all know this doctor is an idiot...obviously he has not read a book on pregnancy and drugs? I would like you to see another doctor, he will begin to monitor the baby ASAP. You will also have to be watched closely during the birth...After this you'll have to have your baby monitored closely. I would love to say that there may not be a problem but everything you ingested the baby has also ingested. THC is a powerful drug and accumulates in fat cells. Something the baby has been forming though out birth. Ask to see the research on women who have consumed THC during will be more educated on your challenges that you'll be faced with once the baby is born. I know we all hope and pray that you and the baby have beaten the odds but in reality you must be prepared.
Sue...good luck

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You can probably ask the ob-gyn if he or she knows how long that would stay in your baby's system. I would assume it probably does stay in a lot and probably does have a much more severe effect then on an adult. It's good that you quit, but in the future, if you do get pregnant again, they have prescriptions for the nausea and vomiting associated with pregnancy. It's a lot safer then smoking weed for the baby, and it does work pretty well. You could try the water and the cranberry juice, it can't hurt. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.

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my step mom did the same thing but she stopped smoking marijuana at 30 weeks and it was still in the babys system and they took the baby from her and the baby is 1yr old and she has a lot of problems due to her smoking weed

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it may have an effect on the baby but not sure. if your comferatable ask your docter would just be the best thing to do. but to flush out your system water and cb juice is great also remeber that thc tends to settle in the fatty parts of a person. (this is why you get hungey) so try to eat non-fatty food I hope everything works out for you. as for the babys system iam not sure that would be another good thing to ask a docter.

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it will definitely have a stronger effect on the baby, but not sure if it will necessarily stay in the baby's system longer... lots of water and cranberry juice should help but it wont remove the toxins completely...

it's a good thing that you have been quit, so ignore the lectures... obviously you care about the child which is why you have gotten to the point where you no longer smoke. and drugs usually have an effect but not always, there's every chance your baby will be perfectly fine (my mother was on steroids during her entire pregnancy because of her asthma and I never had any negative side effects).

also remember to stay away if you're breast feeding... im pretty sure some drugs can be passed on that way...

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The bad effects of the marijuana may already have effected the baby. I don't really think there is anything else you can do to increase the speed of its removal from yours and the babies bodies apart from staying clear of the stuff from now on (even after you've had the baby, because passive smoking can be really damaing for newly born babies.) Hope everything's ok with the baby though, and please, for the babies sake, don't do drugs!

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Dear Crea,

Obviously these people are here to only judge you and not help you. There is actually a study done by a women, Melanie Dreher, who has studied the effects of marijuana and pregnancy for 20+ years. If you google her name, you will see that she in fact states that there are NO findings that prove any harm to a fetus while pregnant and using marijuana. I use the MJ during pregnancy because I have MS and I did not want to take the pills that they were prescribing, which were by far more harmful to my baby than the MJ. My Doctor, who is a Fetal Specialist, agreed with me and suggested that I stay on the MJ until my 28th week. At which time, I will stop and clean my system.

I have one thing to say to the rest of the people that were so judgemental. SHAME ON YOU for judging another!!! Most of you come to this site for helpful answers and instead of moving on and not saying anything, because obviously you have nothing nice to say, you have to post your obscured opinion that helps NO ONE!!! Had ANY of you actually researched and sought out an answer before responding, you would not sound so ignorant. If you don't have the information to be helpful then move on and bug someone else. I hope that this helps answer your question and I hope that the ignorant people who decided to respond to your e-mail and probably mine, actually research their data before posting it.

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You can drink cranberry juice to help detoxify your body as well as the baby's. Cranberries have natural detox properties.

Eating a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water will also help to detox your body further.

You can also exercise as much as you can. Some of the toxins left in your body will escape through your sweat.

Some foods that may help you detox safely:
* leafy vegetables, such as spinach or kale
* garlic
* green tea
* raw nuts or seeds, such as almonds, flax seeds, chia seeds, or pumpkin seeds
* omega-3 oils, such as olive oil or flax seed oil
* fruits, such as oranges, lemons or limes

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