How do I get ride of thc in my system?

Well my question is how to get rid of any thc in my system I am 38 weeks pregnant and I drank it as a tea for my pain, nausia, and insomnia which worked now I only did that a few times in the middle of my pregnancy and in the last month I’ve only had a very small amount but I went in to the hospital two days ago and there was thc in my system still and they said if there is thc in my system when I go to deliver then they have to report me and that would be very inbarising I dont need this stress right now I already have to deal with my hubby and my 2yr old daughter and my hubby would be so mad if that happend

Answer #1

40 weeks is a full term. Pregnancy is tech. 10 months. But THC while pregnant? What were you thinking? Drink plenty of water and hope to just dilute it. Only thing you can really do.

Answer #2

technically this is classified as something you have brought onto yourself- but no lectures this time.

I have heard that drinking water will help flush it out of your system. 38 weeks- you should be ready to deliver- overdue???

well good luck.

Answer #3

Drink lots of water and cranberry juice. Exercise also helps because thc sticks to the fat cells in your body, and sweating can help release it faster. Believe me, I’m in your same boat. I have a one year old and another on the way. They found thc in my daughter’s first bowel and we had to go through an srs program to keep her at home. This time I’m still using it to keep the nausea at bay, but I plan to stop after the 20th week to avoid srs. Hopefully one day everyone will realize the medical benefits of marijuana, but until then, I hope you can pee clean! Good luck!

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