How do I meet people that skateboard?

No one at my school skateboards and I need to meet people that skateboard because they have more my style and more of my interests…its people I would love hanging with but no one at my school skateboards…absolutely no one !!

Answer #1

if you are able check out going to a camp for skateing you can meet a lot of cool people who skate and there could even be people who live aroud you who go. some good camps are: Windells Point X WoodWard

Answer #2

eharmony? LOL

Answer #3

im sure someone would after all I bet you havent asked everyone in the school quite a lot of school kids skate nowdays, or have at least tried it or own a skateboard skate parks are the best place to meet skaters but you can also sometimes see them anywere were theres good concrete or even if theres a portable ramp that comes around also you should ask your friends on your social networking site if they skate or if they have any friends that skate that you could meet up with other than that, just ask around eventually youll come across people that say “‘yeah I skate’’

Answer #4

Meet guys with skinny pants on, then you will know.

Answer #5

Only thing I can think of is going to a skate park, if you don’t have one, find a convenient place to skate board, maybe if people see you they’ll be inspired to go there if they already do skateboard. Not much else I can think of.

Answer #6

ummm skate park? lol

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