How do i make sure i don't get bumps after shaving?

I just shaved my 'thing that makes me a girl', haha. How do I make sure I don't get those little bumps?

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its a slumber party brand.
you use it for shaving down there.
it makes it really really smoothe, no matter what the situation is.

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make sure the blade isnt dull

everytime I shave my vagina I get bumps?
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use venus breeze it work really well **down there for me and doesnt leave me bumps also put conditioner on it helps

How to shave pubic hair without razor bumps?
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yeah it should help, not straight away but you should notice a difference
try any with a aloe vera or camomile extract
you could try vaseline intensive care with aloe vera
or if they have that one with camomile try that
aloe vera is cooling and camomile is good if your skin is sensitive down there and is also quite cooling

Does neosporin help with razor bumps from shaving pubic hair?
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would lotion help?

How to shave my pubic hair
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the skin is just irritated from the razor... after awhile they will go away

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try not to go "against the grain"
so just shave in the direction of the hair growth
that could help
also, try using like a camomile or aloe vera lotion after you have shaved to cool it

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I would have to agree with a couple of people that answered this to put lotion to make your skin down there softer.
That'll help prevent bumps from coming.

Is nair good to shave your vagina with?
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actually if you shave with the grain your more likley to get ingrown hairs
so against the grain is good
also dont shave with things like
plain water
and plain soap
use shaving cream or conditioner
its eaier to shave in the shower, warm water will make it easier
and use a shaver with a few blades and little strips of moisturiser/soap to protect you

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what? ^^^

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use coochie!!

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