How do I get a big bump in my hair and how can I make it stay (read more)?

Everytime I do the bump in my hair I tease it and put bobby pins and hairspray to get it to stay but it either falls flat everytime I walk or looks weird or something, any tips? please dont say practice because ive been trying it since 8th grade, im now in 10th.

Answer #1

i was doing my friends hair and she had the same problem but what we did to make it stay was right after you tease it you a blow dryer and blow dry the spot even if your hair is dry then use hair spray good luck getting your hair to stay and hope it works

Answer #2

I don’t usually wear bumps, but I think this works. Tease the hair under the bump, the hair thats not even attached to it, but put hairspray on it & let it dry before you tease, them tease your bump like normal & when you put bobby pins make sure they are in an X like form & try to wiggle the hair to see if its secure,

Answer #3

that doesnnt woorrk /:

Answer #4

Try cream to eliminate it

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