How do I lose leg fat?

I’m 15. 16 in august ‘08. And I weight like 127ishhh? And I am 5’71/2’’ and I want to lose leg fat? Or like slim them ( calves and thighs) before a trip that I’m going on in late june? I’m already starting to eat healthy, got any ideas about working out? Or like ways I can solve this problemm?

Answer #1

I couldn’t imagine how much “fat” you have on your legs, considering your weight is pretty low. But to answer your question: squats, lunges, and leg lifts (esp. w/ weights strapped to your ankles) will help you tone up. If you did it 3 times a week you would be toned by June. You can also visit for more ideas.

Answer #2

im only 11 and I cant get rid of my thigh fat!!! its been a year now and I took cross country,basket ball, bick riding etc. and that uguly fat wont go away, I eat a lot though, could that be a problem? is ther a way to get rid of it in one week? now I weigh 110 pounds…all my friends weigh 95 pounds and under, pleas help with an easy quick soultion as soon as posible!!!

Answer #3

With diets you must exercise, obviously. but low carbs is a start, it green vegtables, and plenty of fruits. eat as little breads and pastas as possible. stay completely away from sodas and high sugar drinks. with this knowledge also, do 30 minutes of the following exercises 4 times a week. situps, flutter kicks, scissor kicks. running and or biking. swimming if you have access to a pool. do laps, and do it till it burns so bad you can barely move your legs. with these exercises you should see improvement in at least 2-3 weeks. good luck!

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