whats the angles and what way do they go ??

whats the angles and what way do they go ??

Vertical , horizontal and what ?

Is vertical up and down ??

Please help a just cant remember :-//.

Thanks everyone :-x

Answer #1

ya I always remember that horizontal is across bc the sun is the horizon. I don’t know if this helps.

Answer #2

ok 2 zoey redbird- I luv those books! what is it like betrayed? I only read the 1st book but I want 2 read the others!!

Answer #3

you know hoe you get like angles and they call them vertical and horizontal and that

whats the other ways

and what direction do they go aha

like I think vertical lines go up and down and horizontal lines go at an angle :L

am confusin myself here

Answer #4

well im an idiot vertical is up and down horizontal is across

Answer #5

im reading the first book ! Its brilliant :):O

Answer #6

ohright thats ok :)) thank you :)) xx

Answer #7

you know hoe << that was ment to be you know how btw !!!

Answer #8

huh..I understood none of that honey, explain more :)

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