How do I know if im going to get my period?

I had my last period Jan. 2nd and it is now Feb. 10th and im a little over a week late. I have had gas and back aches which I tend to get during and or before my period. Right now my boobs feel sensitive which also happens sometimes before and or during my period. I dont have the money to buy a pregnancy test, im embarassed to ask a friend, and I dont want to worry my mom… do I wait it out a little longer or should I be worried…?

Answer #1

wait it out a little longer. its not worth worrying about until it becomes a major problem. The body will someimes do this to you without there actually being anything wrong. It could just be from stress…it happens all the time to me…just wit it out and if after a week it stays the same, find a way to get a test…actually…go to planned parenthood. it doesnt matter what your age…they dont need to know everything about you just go on in and ask for a pregnancy test. Good Luck!

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