How do i know he wont kiss her again?

Im grounded so im not alowed out for another week, but my boyfriend kissed his other girl once when I wasn't out, he was drunk but thats not an excuse. we wasn't dating then but we had just split up and now were back together, I didn't think it would bother me but it did and he's getting drunk tomorro and that girl will be do I know he wont do it again?

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Trust.. Ya know, if he really cares about you he wouldn't want to hurt you by doing so.

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You have to ask yourself do you trust him, if he's never actually cheated on you then you have no reason not to, but its only right in this situation that you should be suspicious. I think you should either speak to him and tell him how you feel or you just ahve trust that he will be faithful to you x

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You should trust him. If he did that while you two werent together than he could do what he wanted. But you should just trust him. That is the best thing to have in a relationship

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