Why wont my boyfriend kiss me?

my boyfriend likes hugging me but he never kissed anyone befor so why wont he kiss me he told me he loves me so please help!

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Make sure your both in a jokey mood, then make your move do it when hes completly himself with you and you will make him comforable and im sure he will like it ;) it takes the pressure off him :D

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He's just a bit nervous. He's never kissed anyone before so he's probably worried he'll mess it up. You should make the first move. Show him it's alright. Tell him he's a really good kisser and a natural at it too, afterwards. That will give him the insentive to make the first move next time around and not be so nervous. Go get, girl. Haha ;)

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maybe hes just nervous to. ecspecially if its his first kiss.
Or maybe he doesn't know if you want it. Either talk to him about it, or just make the first move.

My boyfriend won't kiss me

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