how do I hook up my ps3 to my internet,

how do I hook up my ps3 to my internet, I have a router which is wireless, but I have my laptop hooked up to my ps3 via internet cable, I tried the connection test it couldnt find the ip address…please give me a giudence I wanna play online again??

Answer #1

Well first off you have two options… You can go wireless or wired. Most people prefer wired because it’s a more reliable more stable connection for online gaming. However it’s not always a matter of coice, if your tv is too far from your router you must go wireless. Fortunately both are very simple to do.

  1. Wired: for a wired connection you will need an Ethernet cable, they’re usually able to be found in Various lengths and colors. You will also need to locate your Ethernet ports On your router. Simple connect the Ethernet cable into one of the ports on your router and the jack in the back of your ps3 labelled Ethernet or LAN. The next step is to turn on your playstation and go to the settings menu on your xmb. Next scroll down to the bottom of the settings wheel to network settings. Choose connection settings and select custom. Then choose wired connection style and the other things are based on your preference but after selecting your settings for those, a connection test will initiate and you’re done.
  2. If you’re using a wireless connection it’s fairly similar to that of a wired connection with a few exceptions. On wireless assure your router is on and working. Then turn on your playstation and get to your network settings (see above). This time however choose wireless connection. You will then be asked if how you want tofund your wireless internet source. This option is up to you but it’s usually easier to scan than input the name. Once you have selected one and you find your connection select it. Once selected you will proceed to be asked to set all the other settings for the internet. *However if you have a WEP than you will be asked to enter your password. After you finish setting all the other settings then a connection check will begin. To use the PSN you will need to create a PSN account for online play. Well that annswers that. If you have any questions feel free to ask me on my profile or to funmail me Hope this was helpful and best of luck


Answer #2

I’m not familiar with the ps3, more so with the xbox 360. Anyways the concept will be the same. Get an ethernet cable (looks like a phone cord but bigger) Plug one end into your PS3, plug the other end into the router. Your router should have about 4 ethernet ports you can use. Once you’ve done that try getting online again. If that doesn’t help you then search google or the playstation website on how to setup your connection.

Answer #3

You can do the easy setup by going to internet connections and then scan for your wireless router

Answer #4

Just get an ethernet cable and a router and plug one end of the cable into the router and one in the PS3. You should get a connection. Using your laptop won’t work, so don’t even bother.

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