how do I handle all my emotions?

I was raped by 6 police officers in the woods…I got pregnant…then I had a misscairage…I cant handle all my differing emotions and dont even say counseling!!! and no I didnt tell my parents and dont even tell me to cause I wont. I told a couple of people but thats it. I started cutting myself and I get really bad headaches an di have flash backs all the time…what do I do?

Answer #1

your not even going to begin to get over those emotions unless you speak up about what happened obviously what happened wasnt your fault and if it really was by police officers then you need to tell on them because they dont deserve to be in the force anymore speaking up will help to get the problems and emotions off your chest you need to start by telling an adult, or someone who can actually help you telling you friends wont help much, because theyll be too shocked or scared to say anything about it, and probably dont want to bring it up so you dont remember it talk to an adult, teacher, relative, ect unfortunantly it may be too late to proove they raped you especially if it hasnt happened recently whch means you left it too late and should have spoke up sooner but nonetheless you need to get help and talk about what happened to someone your problems and emotions will only get worse if you keep them bottled up

Answer #2

the above was a little bit invasive also if someone was raped and has an orgasm that doesnt justify the rape its still rape and its still illegal sometimes girls might orgasm when there raped, especially if there young and dont understand whats happening or have never had sex before but having an orgasm doesnt make the rape any less wrong

Answer #3

tell somebody. talking it out with your emotions will help relive emotional stress. dont cut yourself, that can make matters worse by people who know about this avoiding you, leaving you with a sense of aloneness and being forgotten. really talking to a well truted person is the only “cure.” its impossible to fix mental and emotional problems like this because it will always be with you.

I hope you overcome this problem. and I hope the best for you…

Answer #4

Six officers? you should really talk to someone. I’m not talking counseling or your parents becuse I know I wouldn’t. Talk to some to get the emotions and feelings out. Sometimes that’s not enough though. Go to court, whoop those cops butt or something because if they’re the reason for your pain then you need to take care of that pain. One way to get over something like that is to face it head on. Go to court, send him to jail. You’ll feel a lot better trust me.

Answer #5

Okay well this is what I think would help.

Tell someone you trust about what happened does not have to be your parents. Plus if you have evidence then the police could go to jail and that might help you get over it. It would be verrry hard, but if you can live through that you can live through anything, I can tell you are a strong girl. just stay strong and try and be positive it helps really. and let me tell you one thing I’ve had friends who were depressed and cut themselves, and they admit now that they are better that it didnt really help them it just felt like it. Harming yourself is never the right thing to do, if you ever need anyone to talk to just write me on here and ill talk to you. I sincerly hope things get better.

Answer #6

I’m with papa D, this shit real or not? cause if it was real sounds like you protecting the cops or obviously properly scared out of your mind and if it is not a joke …well you can email me with details of the actual incident and we can see if we can help [in medical field] and what is up with the cutting yourself…for someone who is not looking for attention or to tell anyone about this alleged incident you sure are attracting a lot of attention to yourself by being a cutter. either way if you seriously want help email me personally or continue with that sort of behaviour [the cutting] by the way, if you know you gonna lie dont waste my time but I would like to help if I can

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